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Short Version

The Obed River Band is a new up-and-coming band that produces a mix of country, folk, and gospel music. The eclectic band is known for producing music that stems from heartfelt, raw real-life experiences which connect with listeners all across the globe. The exciting five-piece group of musicians not only enjoy playing together - they also love to write, play, and sing songs that make everyone feel good. 


The Obed River Band is a perfect collection of musicians solely committed to the production of enthralling music that keeps audiences hooked throughout.  Both electric and acoustic guitars are used along with some mighty strong vocals, an electric bass, the fiddle, drums, and mandolin to create an exciting array of musical arrangements that are sure to make you smile, clap your hands, and want to get up and dance. 

The Obed River Band has released one L.P. and 10 singles to date. Their music may be heard on virtually all streaming outlets and Amazing Radio in the UK. They have been interviewed by Stuart Deming and Erin Pennington of Nashville Daily Podcast. The band has performed and videotaped five shows from Crossville Tennessee's iconic Buck Creek Ranch along with shows at the Crossville Fairgrounds and appearances at a variety of venues in and around the Cumberland County area. 

The founding band members included Steve Sisco, Dewayne Wagner, Dallas McCalister, and Kevin Wyatt. Steve plays bass, guitar, mandolin, and fiddle. He plays all stringed instruments, is a gifted singer, songwriter, and a terrific band-mate according to his fellow Obed River Band members. Dewayne is the lead guitarist, singer, sound engineer, and mix artist. This versatile musician and singer has worked with - and been invited to play and sing with a wide variety of artists and bands from all types of genres. Dallas has written songs such as "Beverly Jean", "Time", "Come a Little Closer", "Give it Up", and "Road to Memphis" to name a few.

Kevin joined the band in 2022 and has become a valuable member of this exciting original country band. He plays and sings bass. 

The newest member is Louis Cina, keyboard and lead guitar.  Louis is from Rockford Alabama and has performed with many country artists during his career including Chris LeDoux, and Doug Kershaw, and has stepped in with Montgomery Gentry.  Louie is a seasoned and accomplished musician and singer/songwriter who will make an incredible contribution to this up-and-coming original country band.

Steve's son Tyler Sisco has recently joined the band.  Tyler plays rhythm guitar and is a talented young singer/songwriter who wrote Workin Man, one of the band's most requested songs across all streaming outlets as well as live shows. 

Each song written by different members of the band has a specific and personal meaning to them.

“Southern Wind” by Steve Sisco speaks of his love for the country and its flag.

“Beverly Jean” by Drummer Dallas McCalister is about how he met his wife, Beverly Jean. “She Cries” by the late lead singer and songwriter, Trent McCoy is a love song accompanied by strong vocals. This kind of intimate and emotional music is what cements The Ober River Band as an exceptional new addition to the music industry!

introducing louis cina

keyboard, lead guitar & vocals

Louis is a seasoned artist that has played with many different bands from many different genres. He has played with artist like Doug Kershaw and even stepped in with Montgomery Gentry... He played with several blues, country, southern rock, and even christian... also played R&B. Louis will make an amazing contribution to the Obed River Band's music.

Curent obed river band members... Steve Sisco, Dallas McCalister, Kevin wyatt, Louis cina, AND tyler sisco.

The ORIGINAL Founding Band Members