OK, you guys... I just bought your CD and all I can say is, YOU OWE ME A DINNER. I Burned my dinner BECAUSE I couldn't stop dancing!!! Wow, if you love to dance or like Western two stepping...this music is unbelievable! ”

— Carol Rowsey

The Obed River Band Music Questions and Answers

Q. What kind of music does the Obed River Band play?

A. Many people say we are a country music band.  Some say we write a lot of love songs, and that our songs remind them of folk songs, while others simply say that we play good music to dance to.  While all of this is true, we like to think of our music as a way of expressing how we, as musicians and just plain good ole boys feel about life in general.  We write about what it was like growing up and what we have learned throughout our lives.  We write music that we think speaks to the heart and soul.  We simply call it - "Obed River Band Music".

Q. Does The Obed River Band write all the songs on their albums?

AMost of the songs is written by bass, fiddle, and mandolin player Steve Sisco.  A gifted lyricist and musician as well as a talented singer.  Steve has written many of our contemporary songs as well as a wide variety of gospel songs.  Steve's son, Tyler has also written and co-authored some songs with his father for the band.  Trent McCoy, our lead singer, and acoustic guitar player has helped turn a phrase or two as well and his brother, Pastor Mike McCoy who has written several songs for the band.  Dallas McCalister, drummer, and vocals is also a gifted songwriter that has written songs for the band.  Dewayne Wagner, lead guitar, bass, vocals, has also been instrumental in helping with phrasing the songs that band members have written.  The album inserts indicate who wrote the song or songs on our albums and we indicate who wrote the single tracks as well.  

Q. Does the band create the music for the songs they write?

A.   The answer to this question is a resounding yes!  One of the most exciting things this band does is taking the lyrics the guys come up with and creating the music that they call "Obed River Band music".  They will all tell you that the most fun they have is creating the music for their songs. 

       Some of the songs come together quickly, says Steve, while others may take several sessions to come up with the right sound and rhythm we're looking for.  Trent says, we work well together and enjoy molding the songs into what we all feel are good Obed River Band songs.  The vocals and, lead instruments used for a particular song may take a little while to get them where we want them, but once we go back and forth with each other in every part of the song, and we all agree that its what we're looking for, we get excited about it and then we play it over and over until we have it just right!  

Q. Who does the recording and mixing of the Obed River Band music?

A. Another one of the great attributes of this band is the many gifts and talents outside of writing and playing the songs.  Dewayne is a recording engineer and mix artist as well as a really good lead guitar, bass player and singer.  Steve Sisco is also very good at knowing what it takes to make a great sound recording.  Dewayne and Steve not only play and sing well with this band, but they also help create some excellent recordings for the band's music.  Not only does this give the Obed River Band total control of how their albums sound, but it also saves the band a tremendous amount of time and money when creating their albums.

Q. Who handles the sales and marketing for the Obed River Band and How Can I Book The Obed River Band For an Event?

A. Most artists and bands need a lot of help outside of the music they produce with respect to marketing.  Marketing can become a major expense as well as very time-consuming.  Dallas McCalister (drummer, singer-songwriter) is also a talented copywriter and marketing expert.  His background in marketing is another valuable asset for the Obed River Band. As an example, the album covers and designs to the  Facebook Fan Page, the band's Website design, copy, Internet marketing, Logo, etc., are all created and managed by Dallas.  Photos were taken by a friend of the band and photographer Patricia McBride.  Logo Graphics by Tim Webb.  Website powered by Bandzoogle.  All copy is written, produced and designed by Dallas McCalister.  

Bookings for shows and events can be done by going to: 


The Obed River Band has been blessed with men who love to create great music together.  They have also been blessed to have other gifts and talents that help the band and its music go places and do things it may not otherwise be able to go and do.

Thank you for your support, it is a great honor for us to create, play and offer our Obed River Band music to you!

Steve, Trent, Dewayne, and Dallas,

The Obed River Band



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