About The Obed River Band

This Band delivers! Their music makes you want to clap your hands, get up and dance and sing along. An exciting four piece group of seasoned musicians, singer-songwriters that enjoy playing together and making music that touches the heart and soul.”

    Versatility is a huge plus with the Obed River Band. 

    Electric and acoustic guitars are used along with strong vocals, great harmony, electric bass, fiddle, drums, and mandolin to create an exciting array of musical arrangements that are sure to make you smile, clap your hands, and want to get up and dance.

    Original Four Band Members.

    Trent McCoy (lead Singer, rhythm guitar, songwriter), Dewayne Wagner (lead guitar, bass, vocals, songwriter),  Steve Sisco (bass, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, vocals, songwriter), and Dallas McCalister (drums, percussion, vocals, songwriter).

    All four had been entertaining crowds for several years, before coming together as a new band in the Fall of 2018. 

    Steve and Trent were part of the Gospel quartet, Eleventh Hour.

    They spent seven years traveling the country singing Gospel songs for a vast church audience... (most of the songs they sang and recorded were written and produced by Steve Sisco). 

    Dallas McCalister, one of Detroit’s most versatile drummers during the Motown era, played a variety of music from big band to jazz and everything in between.  He now resides in central TN.  Dallas adds a touch of the original “Motown” beat and style that compliments this band's southern folk-country sound. 

    Dallas also handles the marketing for the band.  He is a published E-Book author, master copywriter, and songwriter.  With over three decades of marketing experience, he helps the band with Press Releases and other important marketing tasks that help with branding, the band’s image within the public arena, merchandise sales, and much more. 

  NEW to the band, is Roland Pray, Bass, Vocals, Songwriter.  Roland is a welcome addition to the original four band members.  He brings a tremendous amount of experience as a solid singer, songwriter who has performed with a wide variety of bands as well as a very entertaining single act.  

    As the band's bass player, the band gains a tremendous even more versatility!


    And for those who love great vocal harmony, The Obed (pronounced Obee) River Band delivers in another big way...

    Three and sometimes four-part harmony are at its very best with this band. Pure vocal harmony is on display throughout their long list of original down-home country-folk, soul, and gospel songs this band brings to its growing list of fans. 

    Trent, Steve, and Dewayne - all accomplished stringed instrument musicians, sing solo, and great harmony on many of their original songs that are written, produced, and recorded by the band. 

    Each can play electric guitar, bass, and acoustic guitar. As an example of their versatility, when Steve is on the fiddle or mandolin - Trent plays acoustic guitar while Dewayne plays the bass guitar, creating a dynamic musical sound you must hear to appreciate. 

    Dewayne also handles the recordings for the band.  An expert in this area makes it possible for the band to create their in-house recordings. 

    Dewayne also does the mixing for the band’s albums.  A tremendous advantage for the band and its ability to create their musical products (Single tracks and Albums)  that can be offered to their growing fan base. 

    These four versatile musicians write, create, produce, publish, record, and mix their songs and musical arrangements.  Arguably one of the most versatile and talented four-piece country bands to come along in many years, The Obed River Band is a self-contained “Indie” force to be recognized and enjoyed within the country-gospel music industry. 


    What Others Are Saying...

"These men have some of the coolest harmony and most appealing easy-to-listen-to sounds I have ever heard."


    Lead guitarist Dewayne Wagner also performs with his Gospel Trio, “Latter Rain”.  He has played lead guitar and has sung with a variety of bands and artists over his musical career that got started when his mama taught him how to play the guitar at a very early age. 

    His versatility as a singer and lead guitar player has endeared him to a wide range of fans in middle Tennessee and the surrounding region for several years. Born in Kentucky, spent time in Michigan as a young boy, (home of the iconic Motown sound), his family then moved to Tennessee, where he now resides. 

    Dewayne offers an exciting blend of southern soul, bluegrass, gospel, and some mighty sweet guitar leads and solo’s that helps make The Obed River Band a serious contender for one of the country’s most exciting four-piece folk-country and gospel bands. 

    One thing for sure, Trent, Steve, Dallas, and Dewayne are four musicians that enjoy playing and making great music together. The fun they have when playing and singing together is infectious and will make you want to come back to see and hear them time and time again. 

    Just when you think the band couldn't get any better - It gets even better! 

    NOTE:  Roland Pray, the band's newest member, bass player, singer/songwriter/sound engineer/mix artist, and entertainer takes the band to a whole new level.  Roland, another well-seasoned musician joined the band early this year (2021) and will be playing bass which allows Steve the opportunity to play the fiddle, mandolin, and guitar giving the band an added dimension to their sound.    


    Another fan said this about the bands' music, personality, character, and abilities;   

 “Their love for God #1 and #2 Sheer Talent which moves your heart through their music.  It can’t get any better than that.” 


With or without instruments (some gospel songs are sung acapella) these guys are just plain awesome, says another Obed River Band fan who also said this...

    “I love the way these guys play and sing, it makes me feel happy!” 

    “Very relaxing sound. Love your music!” 


Making music that touches the heart and soul - as well as being "fun" to listen to is what this band is all about!

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    Thank you for your support! 

      The Obed River Band 


More Photos ...

Roland Pray, Dewayne Wagner, Dallas McCalister, and Steve Sisco

Roland Pray, Dewayne Wagner, Dallas McCalister, and Steve Sisco

Relaxing After a Show at Buck Creek Ranch in Crossville, Tennesse

Relaxing After a Show at Buck Creek Ranch in Crossville, Tennesse

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