Four Reasons Why This Band is So Different


What Makes The Obed River Band Different Than Others?

Here are Four Reasons Why ...


If you were to ask all four band members this question they would tell you that they don't think they are all that great, however, when you do a deep dive into why many of their fans believe this band has what it takes to make it big in this industry, you may understand why they feel this way.


"They have such a beautiful sound that just has to be shared across the world!!"

                                 -Alexis Jackson, FL


So, is it their SOUND that makes them so different?


You would think that if you put a couple of guitars, bass and set of drums in a band, add a lead singer and some backup vocals you should get a rather normal or familiar sound when they played and sang.


This isn't the case when it comes to The Obed River Band. 


Their fans say that the sound they produce is different than anything they have ever heard in country music.  


"Burned my dinner BECAUSE I couldn't stop dancing. Wow, now if you love to dance or like Western two-stepping...this is unbelievable."

                                                                                                        - Carol Rowsey, Tn


Let's take a closer look at this band to see if we can figure out why they sound different...


First of all, each band member has been playing music for a long time. They all started at an early age and over time, have formed their own style of play and a unique sound that's all their own.


Each player has had different experiences throughout their musical careers and, over time have become highly seasoned professional musicians.


How does this experience help create a sound that some people have trouble explaining?  


To learn more about each band member's personal and musical experiences please take a few minutes to read their bios here... 


After a closer look at each member of this band, you'll begin to understand why they sound different than other country bands with similar instruments, and you'll get a sense of who they are and how they have become so good at creating and playing the kind of music they are producing together, as a band.


Like good wine, after time it just gets better and better! 


  "I get the feeling you are listening to music and songs straight from the hearts of these four men. You can't listen without "feeling" their messages from their music."

                                   - Dale Phipps, Tn


"These guys genuinely like each other and enjoy working and playing music together... this is rare, but its good news for those who can't wait to see what they come up with next."


Does this mean that they never have any disagreements?  Of course not.  They find it healthy to have strong discussions from time to time about how to play a song or how an instrument or vocal part should fit into a particular song they may be working on.  


"This is how it's done", says lead guitar player and singer Dewayne Wagner... 

"We all need to work on our parts to be the best we can be, and so it's just natural sometimes to get frustrated with one another or even with ourselves as we go through the process of creating one of our songs. That's what makes us sound even better in my opinion. We are brothers in the Lord, and we love each other - but we are still human."



"Wonderful men with amazing voices, love them to pieces. would travel far and wide to hear them."

                                                                                            -Shari Mccowan-Conatser, In


So, is it their VOCALS that makes them sound so different?

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Trent McCoy and Steve Sisco (Bass, Fiddle, Mandolin, vocals) grew up together, played, sang and toured for seven years with The Eleventh Hour, a Gospel Quartet. Steve wrote many of the gospel songs the quartet sang and played, giving them an experience that many musicians, never have an opportunity to enjoy. 



Dewayne Wagner (lead guitar, bass, and vocals) has also sung with some well known Gospel groups and still works with his Gospel trio, Latter Rain, which consists of himself and two wonderful ladies that have both been singing in church most of their lives.


Dallas McCalister (drummer) played and sang backup vocals with several bands in the Detroit area for over two decades.

Considered to be one of the top drummers in that market during the Motown era, Dallas got what he calls his "groove" from bands like the Funk Brothers and rockers like Bob Seger who he was able to sit in with at a bowling alley in Pontiac Michigan along with his old friend and sax player Danny Zella  (check out Danny's Rockin sax sound).

Dallas says, "We had a blast back then and we're blessed to have been able to watch artists like Bob Seger and bands like the Funk Brothers become superstars over the years!"  


This gives The Obed River Band another important element to the sound they are producing. 

With three songwriters, three lead singers and four who can create some pretty amazing harmony, we can easily see why their fans are enjoying them play and sing what they call "Obed River Band Music".


These guys harmonize so well, and the music they play is 90% their own!" 

- Dale Phipps, Tn


So is it the sound, their vocals, the fact that they like playing together... or is it the fact that they write, produce and record their own music that makes them so different? 

Actually, it's all these and more...

Timing in any business is everything and perhaps the timing is right for The Obed River Band to create something different in the country music business. 

Four musicians with different backgrounds and experiences  - coming together with skills and abilities that offer them an opportunity to do something other bands of this size, age, and musical style could never duplicate, just may take them places they could never go before.  

What are the odds?

So, what are the four reasons why The Obed River Band is so different and may be able to do something special in the country music industry?

Here they are...

Reason # 1:  Trent McCoy.  A lead singer with a powerful, clear and distinctly different voice who can play an acoustic guitar and sing like nobody else in the country music industry.  Remember Vince Gill?  He was so different because of his high soprano voice.  Many thought he would never make it as a country singer, then came Go Rest High on That Mountain.  Trent also has a notebook full of great song lyrics that the band will be producing and recording over the next several months, or years that could set a new standard in country music. Five of the songs on the band's debut album, "The Obed River Band"  came from Trent's large arsenal of songs.

Reason # 2:  Steve Sisco.  An excellent bass player who also plays fiddle, mandolin, guitar and any stringed instrument you put in his hands. Steve also sings lead, great harmony backup and is one of the best "undiscovered" country and gospel songwriters in the business.  His lyrics are soulful and tells stories that capture the minds and hearts of people of all ages.  Songs like "Obed River", "Byer's Road" "Back Home to Me", "True Love" (coming out on the band's next album) and many others destined to help make this band one of the most exciting new country bands to come along in years.  Steve is also a darn good sound engineer. 

Reason # 3:  Dewayne Wagner.  Lead guitar, bass, acoustic and great vocals are what this musician is known for throughout Cumberland County and the surrounding area.  He is also the band's sound engineer and mix artist who records the Obed River Band music.  Most bands and artists cannot afford to record because of the high cost of studio time, sound engineers and mix artists. Dewayne also offers some great harmony, is an excellent lead singer and all-around good man to have on your musical team.  Have you heard his sweet guitar leads in Back Home to Me, All Alone and others on their first album?  Wait till you hear what he comes up with on the songs in their next album.   

Reason # 4:  Dallas McCalister.  Drums, percussion, back up vocals and marketing.  Dallas is known as a Master Copywriter with many years of experience in the marketing industry.  A businessman as well as a top-flight drummer, a published author and a songwriter too.  Dallas wrote Beverly Jean, Time, A Country Girl and some other songs that just might show up on the band's next album, or as Dallas says... one of our new Single Soundtracks we plan to have our distributor release to all the major streaming outlets such as iTunes, Google Music, Spotify, and 150 other streaming outlets and radio stations. 

This dynamic fourpiece band not only plays and sings well together, but they have the other essential elements a country music band needs to make it in this business too.

  • Songwriting 
  • Music production 
  • Recording, engineering, and mix artist
  • Sales & Marketing, copywriting and internet distribution 
  • Business and longterm goals

The Obed River Band has a chance to do something special because of what the four members bring to the table, however, whether or not they rise to the top of the country music ultimately depends on what their fans do.

Will they buy their music, merchandise, and attend their shows?

Will one of their songs appeal to the masses and rise to the top ten or even top 100 on Billboards country music list?

These are questions yet to be answered but for now, The Obed River Band continues to grow in popularity on the local level, and as they roll out new Obed River Band music to a wider audience, it will be fun to watch what happens.

Stay tuned, we're just getting started.

So there you have it. 

The four reasons why The Obed River Band is so different and why many of their fans believe this band just may become one of the new country music sensations in an industry that just might be ready for a new sound called "Obed River Band Music".

"Watched the Obed River Band Saturday night, Jan. 18th in Grimsley Tn. They were awesome, these guys harmonize so well, and the music they play is 90% their own. It is original songs that stir your soul. Their humble and put their faith in God right out front! I can relate to their music because it's about places and things I grew up with and still have very fond memories of today. I'll be going back to hear them again. And again."

                                                                                                                             -Dale Phipps

"We had a great time last night as part of a large crowd of people at the Obed River Boys' concert in Grimsley, TN. Their soulful country music -- most of it original -- was inspiring and got the crowd up dancing. Kathy Copeland Geer from Sparta, TN was a special guest and wowed the group with her rendition of Patsy Cline's "Crazy" and other classic songs. The atmosphere was wholesome and fun, and we ended the night by all singing "How Great Thou Art" together. Thanks, guys, for a great concert!!!"

                                                                                                                            -Patricia McBride


To hear - and see, some of the band's original songs they performed at the concert mentioned by Dale and Patricia, visit:  - - be sure to put your headphones on for the best sound possible.  

The videos you are about to see were taken during the band's soundchecks before a concert they performed in Grimsley, Tennessee.  

Perhaps not the highest quality video, however you'll get a chance to see the guys in a more relaxed state as they prepared for the show.   


Trent, Steve, Dewayne, and Dallas

The Obed River Band

P.S.  Please visit our Music Page to hear samples of Obed River Band music from our debut album, and to download or order soundtracks or the album, it will help us with our expenses and the creation and distribution of our new soundtracks and album.  We also have a donation button should you decide to help us out.  Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated.


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