The Obed River Band Being Compared to "Alabama"

Being Compared to Alabama is a Humbling Experience


The Obed River Band is gathering a lot of great fans who are beginning to share their thoughts and feelings about the music they are producing.

We thought it would be good to feature some of the comments we have been getting in this post.  The guys appreciate the kind words, prayers and support they have been receiving from friends, family and those who have attended live Obed River Band shows and events.

This recently came in from Dale Phipps. We are humbled by his comments on our music. Thank you, Dale, this is why we continue to work hard on Obed River Band music! ~ ORB 

You know, back in the early 80's I went to Huntsville Alabama to see, Alabama. I was instantly taken back by their music. I still remember that time. I can tell you I get the same feeling listening to these guys. 

Trent is my first cousin. Our mothers were sisters, I've known him all his life, I have known Steve Sisco and his family most of my life. Both families are deeply rooted in Cumberland County roots and music. 

These two men are rooted as deep around the Obed River as Alabama band members were to their mountain home in Fort Payne Alabama. They were fortunate, probably meet to find Dallas and DeWayne. 

I get that feeling you are listening to music and songs straight from the hearts of these 4 men. 

You can't listen without feeling their messages and their music.


What a fantastic band! A great group of guys too! Thank you all so much for our own personal concert. You made our vacation and you are incredible song writers and musicians!   -Michael Burch, Flint, Michigan



Sitting in the parking lot of where I work listening to this wonderful group, helps me get through my day. Thanks, guys for being a part of me and my families life, we are some of your biggest fans, we love you all.

                                                                                                                                           -Mike Conatser, IN


They have such a beautiful sound that just has to be shared across the world!   

                                                                                                  -Alexis Jackson, Jacksonville, Florida


Great harmony and good music all night. Would definitely like to see them again!

                                                                                                  -Terri Curran, Crossville, TN


They put on awesome show with a lot of energy non stop!

                                                                 -Shelly A. Main


I love all your song .It's some good southern rock to me.

                                                     -Melissa Martin, TN


Talented group of musicians!!

                      -Gary Horton, TN


Wonderful men with amazing voices. love them to pieces. would travel far and wide to hear them!

                                                                                                                   -Shari Mccowan-Conatser, IN


Robin Wall.... Very relaxing sound. Love your music. 


Carol Rowsey... I bet you guys are going to get busy once your CD is heard by all because I'm loving it. Great to clean house by ... Just dance, clean and lose weight at the same time. Lol ?


With such great fans like these, it's hard to stop creating and playing Obed River Band Music!


Thanks, guys, we love you too!


Trent, Steve, Dewayne, and Dallas

The Obed River Band


(c) 2019 The Obed River Band





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