January 18, 127 Performing Arts Center Concert Review



With a winter weather report of rain and freezing temperature prediction for our Saturday night concert and a few other challenges that popped up, we began to wonder if this event would even take place.

We had scheduled a videotape contractor to come and help us produce a music video of our music and live show on Saturday night, but when he called us to ask if he could do the work on Friday at our set up and rehearsal - just in case the weather for Saturday night brought rain and freezing temperatures - we said Ok, let's see if we can make it work, even though we wanted to include some of the crowd reaction to our show.

The video we want to create would include a sampling of some of our original songs along with a few testimonials from some fans and some personal insight and comments from each band member. 

This video would go on our website, Facebook Fan Page, our Youtube channel we have planned for the near future and other social media sites as we continue to roll out our web presence. 

All bands and musical artists need to include a video of their music on their websites and social media outlets to create album and merch sales and to allow fans and event planners that are looking to hire them to see what they can do.

So, we went from a normal set up and casual short rehearsal and soundcheck to a full-blown dress rehearsal that included going all out on the songs we wanted on this video. 

Our guest singer, Cathy Copeland Geer who did an outstanding job at our concert, was also there on Friday so we could go over the songs she would be singing at the Saturday concert.

The video shots were made and we completed our set up and rehearsal with Cathy, which was all good. 

However, it put a strain on our lead singer, Trent McCoy's already ailing vocal cords.  Trent, Steve, and Dewayne do most of the singing with our band and each of the boys was recovering from sore throats and flu symptoms.

Saturday morning, Trent told Dallas that his throat was sore and he was doing all he could to rest his voice and get prepared for the evening show.  The weather was questionable as well, but as the day wore on it appeared that the cold and wet weather was going to hold off until later that night or the next day and Trent's voice would be good to go for the Saturday night concert.


Our near cancellation turned out to be a very successful concert, as the people began to fill the auditorium and take their seats, you could feel the excitement in the air as the instruments on stage stood ready for the band members to pick them up and begin what would turn out to be a huge success for all who attended this event.

Rich McBride Sets the Tone...

Our good friends Rich and Pat McBride (Pat is our photographer) joined us for this event. 

Pat took some pictures throughout the evening and Rich, a retired military chaplain who has been known to bring an occasional message to his home church in Crab Orchard, TN took to the stage, opened with a prayer and proceeded to do what he does best. 

His enthusiasm, humor, warm and friendly "radio quality voice" made everyone feel at home as he introduced the band to the crowd, insuring them they were in for a great evening of fun and good ole Obed River Band music.

We opened with our theme song written by bass player Steve Sisco, "Obed River" which was followed by enthusiastic applause and cheers, a welcome sound that set the tone for a very exciting and rewarding evening for Tony and the band and our guest singers.




To our surprise, a very special guest was in the house and asked if he could take the stage during our short breaks from our three-hour show.

This young man, just 16 years old thrilled the crowd with his guitar and vocals. 

Dewayne said, "Now that's country music!" as the good looking young man in his full western dress began to sing his first song...  

Little did we know until later in the evening, this young man Hershel Meadows sang at the funeral of the late-great drummer for George Strait's band, Mike Kennedy who lost his life in a car accident near Nashville in late 2018.  

Hershel was joined at Mr. Kennedy's funeral by country music singers Austin Springfield, Darrin Vincent, and Vince Gill.  Hershel is a great talent with a tremendous future in the country music industry. 

His mother and father along with the late Mike Kennedy's wife Margaret were also in attendance for our concert, a real honor to have them with us for this event.  

Hershel did such as great job playing and singing during each break, the audience had to be thrilled with what they heard throughout the evening of total non-stop music ... we sure were!

Cathy Copeland Geer joined us as our special guest singer during our second set and at the end of our show.

Cathy Geer is a Nashville recording artist who now lives in Sparta, TN. 



Cathy suspended her career at a young age to raise her girls. 

Our good friend and founder of the magazine, Healthy Living in the Cumberland's Allen Snow introduced us to Cathy recently and we knew she would have no problem getting here career rolling again... this lady can sing!

She started singing on the radio when she was just two years old and was a star at her church. 

When she did not get asked to sing in her church on Sunday, she said she would begin to cry.  Cathy also told us, she still does this, so we quickly asked her to sing with us... (LOL) ...

The first song she sang as she took the stage was by the late, great Patsy Cline, Crazy.  Seconds after she began singing, the crowd broke into applause and cheers.

Cathy wowed the crowd and at the Friday night rehearsal, after Tony heard her sing, he immediately asked her if she could open his Professional Wrestling Match the following week! 

At the end of our show, Cathy joined Trent and the band for a rendition of How Great Thou Art.  

This is a special time for the band and every audience The Obed River Band performs for. 

At the end of each show, Trent takes his acoustic guitar and invites the band members and audience to join him in singing one or two gospel songs - letting everyone know who they (The Obed River Band) belong too and what life is all about.

The food, the dancing, the music of The Obed River Band along with special guests, Hershel Meadows and Cathy Copeland Geer made this one of the truly great concerts anyone could ever be part of, and of course Rich and Pat McBride (pdmacbride27@gmail.com) and our special crew members and great friends from Indiana, Mike and Shari Conatser who helped make this event a tremendous success.

And so, this is how this concert went from nearly being canceled to a huge success! 

NOTE:  The video footage that was shot at Friday night's rehearsal is being reviewed and will need to be edited for possible future use.  Stay tuned for more on this.  We will have a music video on our website and other social media outlets as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support,

Trent, Steve, Dewayne, and Dallas

The Obed River Band 

(c) 2020 ORB.  All rights reserved  









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  • Shari Conatser
    Shari Conatser
    Had such a great time.will drive far and wide to hear this band. I have been and will always be their #1 fan. Love these boys with all my ❤

    Had such a great time.will drive far and wide to hear this band. I have been and will always be their #1 fan. Love these boys with all my ❤

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