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This has been a great year for The Obed River Band ...  


From the very beginning, back in the fall of 2018, there has been very special chemistry between the four of us... and from that humble beginning...

We knew from the start that the potential of making some great music was a reality, given the experience and talent God had given each one of us. 

All four of us have played music with several other people, bands and artists.  We have toured, recorded and spent several years applying our musical abilities to an industry we love.

It was only natural, in our humble opinion that we could do something special with the experience and desire each of us has had over the years.

We had a lot of fun producing our first album entitled, The Obed River Band and - we have had a terrific time sharing our music with many of you at our live events over this past year. 

We decided early on to stick to our game-plan of writing, producing and recording our own style of music... we simply call it, Obed River Band music! 


"Wonderful men with amazing voices. love them to pieces. would travel far and wide to hear them!"

                                                -Shari Mccowan-Conatser, IN


With your help and enthusiasm for this band, we have been inspired to continue to write, produce and record several more Obed River Band songs 

Right after the Holiday, we will begin work on a brand new project...

Our second album, (no title as yet) will include ten new songs from the list of more than 15 original new songs we have been working on over the past several months. We will be performing some of these songs at our upcoming live shows.


We have also been busy with our plan to market our music online, hoping to reach millions of people around the world with this exciting and somewhat intimidating technology. 



In the past, a band or artist would need to tour constantly or play in clubs and do as many live shows as possible to get their music out to the public arena. 

Today, thanks to the power and vast appeal of the Internet and Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and of course Websites, and Email... an "Indie" band like ours can reach more people faster and easier than ever before. 

To Like us on Facebook go to @obedriver or search The Obed River Band in your Facebook search bar. 


Did We Mention Youtube?!!! 


Yes, we do plan to have our own Youtube Channel that will include a great new HD Video of the band, along with a variety of our songs, special interviews with band members, fans and more.

Stay tuned, 2020 will be an exciting new year! 

This past year we developed our Facebook Fan Page and without any advertising at all, have had thousands of people visit our page and read our posts regularly. 

Just recently we created and opened our new Website, thanks to a great team of musicians and techies from Canada that created a website platform specially designed for bands, singers and artists within our industry. 

They began this project 15 years ago and today, Bandzoogle is one of the leading website builders and hosting platforms for bands, singers and artists in the entire music industry. 

This newsletter is being written and sent to you right through our Bandzoogle website! 


Obed River Band Music at Your Fingertips... 

Now thanks to this amazing technology, we can place our albums, single soundtracks, merchandise, live show dates and locations, create email newsletters, band member bios, and so much more - all in one online location to be seen and enjoyed by millions of people around the globe.  You can visit our site using a variety of devices too! 

Yes, it has been an incredible year - and we're just getting started. 

But for now, we're going to spend some time with our families and enjoy this wonderful gift God has given us called Christmas... the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 

We want to once again say thank you for the love and support you have shown us. 


Thanks and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!!! 

Trent, Steve, Dewayne, and Dallas 

The Obed River Band 

(c) 2019 ORB. All Rights Reserved

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