Cancellations Everywhere



We hope you are doing all you can to avoid this menacing new virus. This is first and foremost for you and your loved ones." 

As musicians, we too have been affected financially by this outbreak and recent government call-to-action to stop the spread of this virus by limiting crowd events to ten or fewer people. 

We like to play at least one or perhaps two live shows per month to help keep up with the band's basic financial obligations such as website, banking, and travel costs just to name a few of our normal ongoing expenses. 

We recently lost a gig in Kentucky to the coronavirus and expect to lose more opportunities to get out and play our music in the public.   

Our prayer is for a quick end to this pandemic, and we are sure you feel the same way we do. 

As we continue to build our musical product line with new Obed River Band music CD albums and single soundtracks and soon, ORB Merchandise that can be sold through our website, we will need to do some live shows and concerts. 

Musical artists throughout the industry are seeing restaurants close, live events cancel and so it goes, we must do what we can to stay afloat.   

During this current crisis, it looks like we will NOT be able to do any live events anytime soon, and until we can get our online sales where they need to be for the band to sustain our financial obligations, we will need a little help. 

We have placed a donations button on our home page.

If you can help, any amount would be greatly appreciated.  

We also know that you may be affected by this as well and completely understand if you are unable to donate at this time... our prayers go out to you as well. 

If you have not purchased one of our albums or some single soundtracks, this would help us out as well and you could enjoy the music from now on. 

Please go to our music page to order... 



Thanks for your support! 

The Obed River Band 


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