Obed River Band Music Review

Obed River Band's Music Review

Song Title:  You Completed Me

Lyrics:  Steve Sisco

Musical Composition: The Obed River Band

Vocals:  Trent McCoy 

Recording Engineer / Mix:  Dewayne Wagner, Steve Sisco

Produced at: River Bottom Studio of Crossville

Produced by: The Obed River Band, Crossville, TN

Cover Design:  Dallas McCalister 

Back up vocals:  Dewayne Wagner and Steve Sisco.  Lead Guitar, Dewayne Wagner / Rythmn Guitar, Trent McCoy / Bass, Steve Sisco / Drums, Dallas McCalister


Distribution: Single Release by Cdbaby (International Online) / Album CD by The Obed River Band 

Release Date:  Target date for 150 + online streaming outlets set for late Summer or early Fall, 2020Available soon for review and order on The Obed River Band's website music page.

Lyrics:  Written by Steve Sisco. 

A free music preview and download purchase will soon be available on our website.  Now available at live concerts and will soon be available on 150 + online streaming outlets such as iTunes, Google Music, Amazon, and many more.

Song Description:  Great lyrics by Steve Sisco make this Obed River Band song worth listening to again and again.  Lead singer Trent McCoy's vocal rendition of Steve's haunting story about what it's like to be alone after losing one's best friend and spouse really nails it.  The harmony behind Trent's vocals in this song is arguably among some of the best work by Dewayne and Steve. Not only easy to listen to... this song will also be easy to dance to.  The band's musical composition creates a simple yet beautiful moderately slow melody that will make you want to grab your favorite partner and hold him or her close out on the dancefloor.  Prepare yourself for a shocking final verse that is sure to touch hearts and souls everywhere. 

"You Completed Me" is - or should be how we all feel about our better half. 

You can preview this song on our music page (if unavailable, be sure to check back later) or download it as a single or better yet, order the full Album.- we think you'll enjoy all the songs on this new album by The Obed River Band.



(c) 2020 Obed River Band. All rights reserved.




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