Obed River Band Music Review  

Obed River Band's Music Review

Song Title:  You Completed Me

Lyrics:  Steve Sisco

Musical Composition: The Obed River Band

Vocals:  Trent McCoy 

Recording Engineer / Mix:  Dewayne Wagner, Steve Sisco

Produced at: River Bottom Studio of Crossville

Produced by: The Obed River Band, Crossville, TN

Cover Design:  Dallas McCalister 

Back up vocals:  Dewayne Wagner and Steve Sisco.  Lead Guitar, Dewayne Wagner / Rythmn Guitar, Trent McCoy / Bass, Steve Sisco / Drums, Dallas McCalister


Distribution: Single…

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Obed River Band Music Review 

Obed River Band Music Review

  SONG TITLE:  Obed River

  LYRICS:  Steve Sisco


  VOCALS:  Trent McCoy

  RECORDING ENGINEER / MIX: Dewayne Wagner, Steve Sisco

  PRODUCED BY:  The Obed River Band, Crossville, TN


 Back up vocals: Dewayne Wagner and Steve Sisco.  Lead   Guitar, Dewayne Wagner / Rythmn, Acoustic Guitar, Trent McCoy    Bass, Steve Sisco / Drums, Dallas McCalister


Distribution:  CD Baby, Inc. / ORB Publishing

Release Date:

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The Obed River Band Music Review 

Obed River Band Music Review

  Song Title:  You Completed Me

  Lyrics:  Steve Sisco

  Musical Composition:  The Obed River Band

  Recording Engineer / Mix:  Dewayne Wagner / ORB

  Vocals:  Trent McCoy 

  Cover Design:  Dallas McCalister

 Back up vocals by Dewayne Wagner and Steve Sisco.  Lead Guitar,     Dewayne Wagner /  Rythmn, Acoustic Guitar, Trent McCoy / Bass,     Steve Sisco / Drums, Dallas McCalister


Distributor:  CD Baby, Inc. / CDBaby is the largest online distributor of independent music in the…

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Will the Music Industry Recover? 

Will The Music Industry Recover From The Pandemic Shutdown? 

This is a question being asked by people from many industries today. 


Since we are involved in the music industry, we have concerns but we also have faith that we will return to perhaps an even better track we were on in the not-to-distant future. 

The recorded music industry in America in 2019 hit 21Billion Dollars and grew for the 7th straight year, so like our amazing economic boom we were experiencing in our country, the recorded music…

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Cancellations Everywhere 



We hope you are doing all you can to avoid this menacing new virus. This is first and foremost for you and your loved ones." 

As musicians, we too have been affected financially by this outbreak and recent government call-to-action to stop the spread of this virus by limiting crowd events to ten or fewer people. 

We like to play at least one or perhaps two live shows per month to help keep up with the band's basic financial obligations…

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Lake Tansi Summer Music Series Presents The Obed River Band in Concert

Lake Tansi Waterside Pavilion , 5050 Shoshone Loop at the Waterside Pavilion, Crossville

This FREE 2-hour "outdoor show" features the original music of The Obed River Band, a Crossville TN country band that you don't want to miss. 6 PM until 8 PM. Arrive early for the best seating.

The band will be performing songs from their debut album and soon to be released 2nd album entitled "The Obed River Band Take-Two / 2020".

They will also be performing their first International single release "You Completed Me". This single soundtrack will be available on the band's website and on all streaming outlets worldwide this summer.

NOTE: COVID-19 practices will be observed.

The Obed River Band's music is suited for people of all ages so bring the entire family and be prepared to have some fun.

Come celebrate and enjoy the musical talents of Trent McCoy, Steve Sisco, Dewayne Wagner, and Dallas McCalister - Crossville's own "The Obed River Band".


If you wish to make a donation via Pay Pal, or Credit Cards, simply click on the Donate Button located below.  If you would prefer writing a check, make it payable to and send to... The Obed River Band, Box 385, Crab Orchard, Tn 37723.  Donations will help with all of our expenses.  The Obed River Band is a "for-profit" business venture.  Our income is derived primarily from live shows plus music and merchandise sales both online and at live events.    

Thank you!

P.S. Even a small donation will be very helpful.